South Taranaki Whanau Centre

Providing a safe and supportive friendly environment for the empowerment of Families and Whanau

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South Taranaki Whanau Centre

The South Taranaki Women’s Centre was established in 2001. The centre was renamed in 2018 to the South Taranaki Whanau Centre, to move with the times and be more inclusive and all our Whanau and community. The centre is a warm inviting friendly atmosphere, which we pride ourselves in, so our clients feel comfortable and relaxed when entering.

Our purpose and strategy at the Whanau Centre are to provide a safe and supportive friendly environment for the empowerment of our families and Whanau. Our focus is on our clients and what is happening for them currently. We value our clients and acknowledge where they are. Very client focused supporting their choices in a non-judgmental with the decisions they make.

We provide Counselling/Kaitautoko; Social worker/Facilitation support and programmes for Family Violence, building your self-confidence and relationship building along with a lot more. We started of offering a couple of programmes like parenting and self esteem courses to our community. Over the years we have grown and development more programmes and services that our community needs. 

 We are located at 56 Disraeli Street in Hawera. 

Centre hours are: 

Monday 9am- 3.30pm

Tuesday 9am - 4.30pm

Wednesday 9am - 4.30pm

Thursday 9am - 4.30pm

Closed Fridays

Phone 06 278 3260 or 0272399831

Email: [email protected]

You can find us on Facebook: stwchawera

 Free services and programmes we offer at the Centre

 Kaitautoko/Counselling Support

Covers Family Harm, Positive Relationships, Couple or Individual Counselling, A&D, Mental Health

By appointment only.

 Raising Complex kids

This is a 4 week programme offering tools and strategies for raising complex kids focusing on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms, treatments, and tackling common misconceptions.

 Positive Relationship Programme

This is a 4 week Programme covering.

Week 1: Relationship and developing a positive one.

Week 2: What does a positive relationship look like compared to an unhealthy one?

Week 3: Knowing who you are and believing in yourself and having confidence in the decisions you make.

Week 4: Financial security and learning to work out your budget.

 Parenting Programmes

 Grandparents / Whanau Caring for Children

This is a 6 week programme covering a variety of issues to help you with the ongoing care of raising your grand-children. Is raising your grand-children what you wanted or a situation that has been forced on you? Do you receive the help, support and resources that you require to raise the child/children?

 Young Parents 

This is a 6 week programme. Covers newborns to 1 year of age. A wide range of topics are covered.

Surviving Parenting

 Mums, Dads, Caregivers for anyone that cares for children. Covers from 1 upwards.

This is a 8 week programme which covers:: What makes a good parent? What messages did we receive from our parents?, Effects of Family Violence on our children, Nutritional needs: Ages and stages, Keeping our children safe, Your Rights as a parent, Discipline without hitting, Parents united in Parenting, 

We can get Taranaki Community Law in to talk around court terms like day to day care and guardianship and other family court terms.

 Pre/Teen Self Confidence

This is a 3 week programme for Teens to learn accepting themselves as they are, how to say NO to peer pressures. 

Programme Covers:

What is self confidence - My strengths and goals

Safety using the internet/Social media

Dealing with Bulling and so much more

 Women's Self Confidence

This is a 4 week programme is for Women looking to boost their Self Confidence to reach their goals and dreams.

Programme Covers: What is Self-Confidence - Our Strengths and goals, Practice Self care, Combating Self Consciousness, Assertiveness.

 Managing my Anxiety programme for Adults and Teens

This is a 4 week programme. We have a separate programme for Adults and Teens that are coping with anxiety. The programme covers how we see our anxiety and gives us tools on different ways of managing day to day events and situations. Please give us a call for dates and times for this programme. 

Social Worker Support by appointment only

Post Natal Support Group

Runs the 3rd Monday of each month, from 10am - 11.30am.

Everyone welcome

Clients feedback about our services 

Teen Self Confidence:

"We talked about bullying and we got taught not to bully"

"I learnt some good strategies, if your friend is encouraging you to do something that you should not do"

"I learnt tips about what to do if you are being bullied"

Women Self Confidence:

"Thankyou Justine for the time you have put into this and for making us feel safe and comfortable"

"What I say is valuable and I can say No"

"I have learned how to have empathy and compassion towards others"

"When I started I thought I did not need this course, that my self esteem was good but I found I needed a little bit more of a push"

"I really enjoyed meeting other ladies and getting out of the house"

"The recourses have been great and helpful"

Positive Relationships:

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course, very informative and insightful, an improvement within myself"

"More confidence in defining positive points versus negative points"

Surviving Parenting:

"Course was interesting and helpful"

"I have achieved what I wanted from the programme"

Rooms for Hire:

We have small meeting rooms available and a large meeting room that can be used during the day or at night and over the weekends. Rooms are available to groups or anyone that is needing a place to run a workshop or meeting. We have casual or permanent spaces at very reasonable rates. 

Please give us a call to enquire ask to speak to Nicky or Moana. 

The room cost covers, power, internet, consumables like tea, coffee etc. We have a TV and DVD available to be used in the meeting room.  

The meeting rooms can hold up to 15 people and the smaller offices can be anything from 3 people to 6 depending on which office you are requiring. 

Meeting room pictures are the first three. Last picture is the small meeting room picture.